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Welcome to my Website!
My name is Adam. I am a photographer, artist and entrepreneur. It is said that art is the expression of the soul. I assume that an Art has no boundaries to create whatever we imagine.
My serious photography career begun when I moved to Japan in 1999. I lived there 14 years and in the summer 2013 I moved to the Netherlands where I live now.

My work is a translation of the reality of life that many of us go through from day to day. These translations become themes on my art which express our feelings, energy and love. I believe in living energy within us and that our thoughts and emotions impact our life choices everyday.


I use various methods to take and then create my images, from simple picture, double exposure or blended to show who we are, where we go and time we have here.



My Work

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We all have 24h everyday, no more, no less. Choices we make everyday effects our future, but the most powerful are emotions.
Every minute, hour, day and so on we make decisions, sometimes not knowing whether is the right one or not.
I do believe that we always have another chance to turn things around, but the time is limited. It is important to use it wisely.
Stop to rush, slow down, be patient and listen your inner voice. Remember, there is always light and only you can make it to sparkle lighter.

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